Star Moon Bed Head Cushion Rainbow Creative Pillow


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Category: Plush peripheral derivatives
Modeling categories: stars, moon, rainbow, shells, wishing stars, shells
Whether the shape is cartoon or anime: No
Filling material: PP cotton
Plush classification: short plush
3C configuration category: plush toys under 14 years old
Color: 1-blue moon 42*17 cm 0.28kg, 2-green moon 42*17 cm 0.28kg, 3-yellow stars 36*33 cm 0.29kg, 4-pink stars 36*33 cm 0.29kg, 5-red Rainbow 58*40 cm 0.46kg, 6-pink rainbow 58*40 cm 0.46kg, 7-dark pastel ball 35*35 cm 0.47kg, 8-light pink color ball 35*35 cm 0.47kg, 9-pink shell 45 *35cm 0.41kg, 10-purple shell 45*35cm 0.41kg, 11-color wishing star 60*33 cm 0.39kg, 12-red auspicious cloud 60*40 cm 0.51kg, 13-pink auspicious cloud 60*40 cm 0.51kg , 14-pink hill 41*35 cm 0.25kg, 15-purple hill 41*35 cm 0.25kg, 16-triangle purple 36cm0.29kg, 17-triangle yellow 36cm0.29kg, 18-triangle powder 36cm0.29kg, 19-triangle Ash 36cm0.29kg, 20-pentagram purple 42cm0.38kg, 21-pentagram yellow 42cm0.38kg, 22-pentagonal powder 42cm0.38kg, 23-pentagonal green 42cm0.38kg
Applicable age: juvenile (7-14 years old)undefinedundefined




Weight 270.0 kg

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