Gay Support Stories

Coming Out Later in Life by Bruce

I finally came out and now I can be the person I am ment to be which has been long over due. I do love the person I am and see today. 

Story of Encouragement by Daren63

I was a single gay man trying to adopt a child. I was lucky when I came out to my family and friends. I was supported and embraced by my extended family as well. 

Authenticity by Holly C from Boston, Massachusetts

Authenticity  by Holly C from Boston, Massachusetts

I grew up in a pretty liberal family. My cousin came out to me when we were 8. I went to my first gay wedding when I was 9. It was safe to say that my family was accepting. 

My Coming Out Story by Dustin

My Coming Out Story by Dustin

He immediately broke eye contact, hung his head, took a deep breath at the same time brought a hand to his eye(s) and looked at me and said "pack your stuff."

My first time by Dino P

My first time,

At a college age party all sorts there. Chatted with most everyone there. Found myself attracted to 4 guys in particular. I had that feeling, my early gaydar I guess. Ended up going off with them back to an apartment and got real comfortable. We all ended up in bed. It was wonderful and that did it for me, I knew who I was then. 
Thanks for letting me gI've you my come-out story.