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Life Goes On by Randy Turner

Life Goes On by Randy Turner

. After my visit to Greenwich Village I was absolutely sure that I would move to New York. For the first time that summer, I finally said:  I AM GAY!

The Afterlife by Gavin Brown

Being open with my sexuality has made me confident enough to talk about this topics in rooms full or hundreds of strangers, and has even led me to join a fraternity, and later in my Freshmen year I won a Greek Life Award of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Diversity! 

How I Came Out... by Joey

How I Came Out... by Joey

There's a lot of things I could have

done differently, but I'm glad I came out, it's

actually, brought me closer to some of my

family and even friends, yes, I lost some

along the way, but hey that's their lost.

Coming Out Later in Life by Bruce

I finally came out and now I can be the person I am ment to be which has been long over due. I do love the person I am and see today.