My Coming Out Story by Dustin

My name is Dustin and this my coming out story.
It was New Years Eve 2001, my parents had been divorced now for a good four or five years now. I was living with my dad and his girlfriend at the time. Her name was Laura, she had found some e-mails between a guy I had been dating and myself. She first brought it to my attention that she found them. She pressured me into telling my dad, "you can tell him or i will" were her words. My dad, a  fun loving, blue collar, country man. Who taught me work ethic, a mans word was worth more than money and that no one is going to give you want you want you have to earn it. I look up to him to this day. So he got home from work and Laura told him I had something I needed to talk to him about. Im tearing up now just  reminiscing all of this. So I walked into his room, he was standing at the side of the bed, arms crossed and head tilted to the side as if already contemplating his next move. He said "Hey buddy whats up?"  I looked at Laura, who at this point i k ew had already told him, later found out she had.  I said the three hardest words ive ever had to say to anyone,"Dad I'm gay."  He immediately broke eye contact, hung his head, took a deep breath at the same time brought a hand to his eye(s) and looked at me and said "pack your stuff."  Dumbfounded i knew this man well enough to know when he's feeling a certain way to do as I'm told. So i went and put as much as I could into a duffle bag and small suitcase. To my surprise he was doing the same thing. He told me to get in the truck, I did. We pulled up to the Greyhound bus station in Daytona Beach. He went in got me a ticket (one way) to Atlanta, gave me $20 and said get out. I went to stay with my mom, who was more understanding and welcoming of her gay son.The better part of 10 years I didnt hear anything from him.  I made attempts and made sure he knew I was here when he wanted to talk. Wasnt until five or six years ago he came to Athens, GA found me at my job. I came up to greet the table and it was my dad, teary eyed a look of regret and pain. We had talked and i told him all i wanted from him, all i had ever wanted was his acceptance and love. He told me that the night he put me on a bus with $20 was the worst thing he'd ever done and haunted him every day since. I recently had a brain traumatic injury and lost everything, my car, money, house, all my furniture and started losing my mind. He came to Athens got me and my dogs and moved me into his house with my Stepmom and neice.  I told him he didnt have to do this I've gotten so far without asking him for anything I could get through this. He insisted and told me not to give him any money, to save mine and restart fresh, "Let me do this for you, not for me" he said.  I"t's good for us to get to know one another and to rebuild what we lost, please." He said. So im back in Daytona, its weird but I'm sure things are looking better for him and I. 
Love ya Dad!

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