How I Came Out... by Joey

How I Came out…


"Mom I think it's time...I think I want to tell

everyone that I'm gay...I know that this

scares you, but it scares me too"


"Ok, well let's go upstairs and you can tell

your brother and sister first"




*we go up the stairs* *my heart is pounding*


*I started to tear up as I call out their


"Gina, Gorge, can you come here for a sec"


*I wait until they come inside the room, and

they take a seat*


"What's wrong?"


"Gina, Gorge, I have to tell you something

that I've wanted to tell you guys for a long

time now. I don't want to be looked at

differently now, I'm still going to be the same



*Gina and Gorge leaned in even closer with

a look of concern in their eyes* *I lick my

lips, and the words start to form as tears

start rolling down my cheeks*

"I'm GAY, I like Boys not Girls"


*I start busting out with more tears, and

there's a silence in the room* *finally my

mom speaks*

"Gina, Gorge, do you have any questions or

anything for your brother?"


*Gorge speaks first then Gina*

" We love you no matter what ba-ba, but

how did this happen?"


*I speak*

"Well I was born this way Gorge"


*Gorge responds



*Gina speaks*

"I love you ba-ba, also is that you liked

playing barbies with Me?"


*we all laugh*

"Yes, Gina that's why"


*we continued to laugh*


"Also guys, I play on coming out to

everyone tomorrow"


*Gorge starts to speak*

"Ok ba-ba, if anyone has a problem with it

we'll have your back"


"Thank you"


*we all hug*


-The next day-

*I couldn't sleep all night, my mind was

racing, the fear and anxiety about what was

going to happen made me wanna back out,

but I knew that if I didn't do it now, I would

never get another chance too*

*I wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and I

start writing down what I have to say to my

extended family* *I come up with this*


"Dear beloved family member, I love you,

and I don't want this to change what you

think about me, I'm the same person that

I've always been, and I wanted you to know

frist since you are family, and I don't want

you to hear this from facebook so here it

goes, I'm GAY and proud, like I said I'm still

the same person that I've always been, and

if you do have a problem with it, I don't care

I am who I am and I'm not afraid anymore to

say it, thank you for understanding that this

is who I am and that I'm not going to change

that, with much love and respect ~ Ba-ba


*I copy and paste it from my notes to my

messages* *then I hit send*

*next thing I knew I was on the bus going to

school* *I text my friend Kathy and told her,

then later that day during anatomy I pulled

my best friend TJ aside and I tell him"

*Kathy says*

"Omg, I'm so proud of you for coming out,

ba-ba this weekend me and you can go and

see that love Simon movie"


"Thank you, and yes let's go see it"


*TJ responds by giving me a hug and says*

"Thank the lord, now I have someone who

can understand me, also I'm so proud of

you boo"


*I responded by saying*

"Now we can talk about boys lol"


*I start getting text back from family

members saying that they love me and how

supportive of me they are, and I run into an

empty teacher’s office and start crying while

reading these messages*


*After school I head over to my aunt’s house

who I didn't tell yet, and came out to her*

"Well baby I would still love you even if you

were a fish, this changes nothing, in fact I

love you even more"


*we hug and cry some more, and say*

"I love you"


"I love you more"


*I then go home and tell my homophobic old

way Mexican dad, and he says*


"Ba-ba I want you to know that I love you,

and that I accept you, and that if anyone

ever tries to hate on you for being who you

are then tell them to f*ck off before I find

them and beat their asses"


*I start bursting out in tears and I hug him

for the longest time*


-later that night-


*After I come home from watching a play, I

decided that it was time to make a post* *I

start with a picture of me in between two of

my gay friends, and I caption it*


"what do these three have in common?"


* then after I posted that on snap I made

another post that said…*

"<they're all gay"


* next thing I knew my Snapchat was

blowing up. After I makes those post I went

to Facebook and posted a picture from love

simon, and said…*


"Today I did something amazing, I've been

holding this back for some time now, but

today I can say as confident young man that

I am gay, and I'm proud, I would like to

thank all my family and friends who has

supported me today and showed me

nothing but love, I am who I am, and I can

also say that I love who I am and I wouldn't

change a thing"

So that's how I came out, do I regret it? Not

all of it, some parts like I wish I could have

told my family in person instead of text,

maybe I could have taken it one step at a

time. There's a lot of things I could have

done differently, but I'm glad I came out, it's

actually, brought me closer to some of my

family and even friends, yes, I lost some

along the way, but hey that's their lost. I

wanted to tell my coming out story, not

because it's interesting, but because I know

that someone out there will read it and

hopefully have the courage to come out. I

want people to know that it is ok to come

out, but only if they are ready, and that

nothing can prepare you for what's going to


I'm Joseph Thomas and this is my story!

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