• Giorgio Franchetti Pardo
  • July 12, 2019

Authenticity by Holly from Boston, Massachusetts I grew up in a pretty liberal family. My cousin came out to me when we were 8. I went to my first gay wedding when I was 9. It was safe to say that my family was accepting. That didn’t make it easier to come out on my own though. I’ve struggled with my sexuality since I was 12. It’s all so confusing for some reason. It was a daily struggle. I didn’t know what I was. Sometimes, I’d think I liked boys. Then, I’d see one and feel sick to my stomach. I think that might be a sign. I dated and talked to boys, but the sick feeling never went away. When I dated and talked to girls, it was different. It felt natural. It wasn’t until June 1, 2019 when I decided that I was comfortable with who I was, and I came out on instagram. To everyone. I was too scared to do it individually, honestly. But, I knew who I was. I didn’t want it to be a big thing. I’m proud of who I am. But, regardless, it was scary. But, I did it. 

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