Free Love Apparel was created in 2017 from a dream of Inclusion, Equality, and Respect. We noticed the lack of LGBTQ+ inclusive products and representation in the market and we wanted to change this. We started the store with just a few LGBTQ+ items and since then have continued to expand our product ranges to represent and cater to our customers of all sexualities and orientations!






Unlike most high street retailers who make money during Pride, we wanted to offer LGBTQ+ inclusive products all year round whilst also giving back to our community. Since then we have supplied people all around the world with a voice and a form of expression through our products!






So far we have been able to raise money for the Trevor Project and give 100 homeless LGBTQ+ Youth Christmas presents in Manchester, England. With every purchase from us, you are directly helping the LGBTQ+ community! 

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